Fan Art

Artist: Cara
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Fire Girl
Superpowers: flying and controls fire

Artist: Cara
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Batgirl

Super Pet’s Name: Bobbi
Super Gadget: cape
Superpowers: flying, super strength, and super speed

Artist: Jayla
Age: 9
Superhero Name: Jay
Superpowers: ice, fire, telekinesis, and 

Artist: Halle
Age: 10
Superpowers: flying, water, fire, ice and 

Artist: Maya
Age: 9
Superpowers: time travel, freezing, laser eye, gadget gloves, melt, force field, ocean waves sleeves, and flying

Artist: Presley
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Nature Boy
Superpowers: talking to animals, speed, 
invisibility, and shapeshifting

Artist: Carly
Age: 9
Superpowers: invisibility, flying and super speed

Artist: Brooke
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Marina
Superpowers: talks to marine animals, can spray people with water, can get sea animals to help her, can teach kids marine biology, can turn into water, and can turn into a mermaid

Artist: David
Age: N/A
Superpowers: super fist punch, laser eyes, x-ray eyes, speedy legs (1,083 mph), and telekinesis 

Artist: Zoe
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Octavia
Superpowers: gravity, strength, smarts, speed, flight, and six fingers

Artist: Karie
Age: 11
Superhero Name: Time Changer
Superpowers: time travel, super speed, x-ray vision, flight, lightning, and creates tornadoes, storms, and portals

Artist: Riley
Age: 5
Superpowers: flying and super strength 

Artist: Carly
Age: 11
Superhero Name: The Mighty Stretcher
Superpowers: stretch, shapeshifting, speed, strength, and heightened senses

Artist: Amiya
Age: 12
Superhero Name: The Levitator
Superpowers: levitation, flying, strength, speed, laser vision, and x-ray vision

Artist: Cora
Age: 9
Superhero Name: Rocky
Superpowers: moves rocks, makes rocks, makes things out of rocks, creates earthquakes, and can make mountains

Artist: Ash
Superhero Name: Super Chef
Superpowers: cooking, cleaning, and being nice

Artist: Madeline
Age: 11
Superhero Name: Super Safe
Superpowers: to be safe, to make food taste good, and to put out fires

Artist: Tyson
Age: 11
Superhero Name: Mr. Bossy
Superpowers: be bossy and gaming

Artist: Viviene
Age: 9
Superhero Name: Taco Man
Superpowers: taco rain, taco punch, and taco tornado

Artist: Katie
Age: 9
Superhero Name: Earth Girl
Superpowers: plants, water, fire and lava

Artist: Sofia
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Ivy
Superpowers: super strength, telekinesis, fire breath, can change into anything, and she’s super smart

Artist: Adryanne
Age: 10
Superpowers: telekinesis 

Artist: Misty
Age: 10

Artist: Amelia
Age: 8
Superhero Name: Aquafina
Superpowers: fast swimmer, controls water, breathes under water, and create bubbles

Artist: Markie
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Stormie
Superpowers: controls the weather

Artist: Brylee
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Poison Bry

Artist: Jaxin
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Lil Cone
Superpowers: shooting ice cream

Artist: Logan
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Rooster Time
Superpowers: soul taker, invisibility, time travel, changing reality, teleportation, snap out the universe

Artist: Jasiah
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Marsh Bot
Superpowers: robot power

Artist: Navaeh
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Rocket Lady
Superpowers: rocket launching

Artist: Cheyenne
Age: 10
Superpowers: stretches and strength 

Artist: Delaney
Age: 10
Superpowers: performs magic, makes rainbows, can fly, and kindness

Artist: Eli
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Drone or Turret
Superpowers: sidekick to stickbot, knows any monster his hero faces, shoots giant lasers, and can walk on anything

Artist: Eli
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Stickbot
Superpowers: can stick to almost everything and can stretch to at least 5 feet

Artist: Leland
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Bat Thanos
Superpowers: infinity stones

Artist: Colton
Age: 9
Superhero Name: The Mega Shifter
Superpowers: shapeshifting
Artist: Colton
Age: 9
Superhero Name: Frosty
Superpowers: ice