Super Chefs in Action

Below are photos submitted by Super Chefs creating recipes from Be a Superhero in the Kitchen. If you have a photo you’d liked me to see, please mention/tag me at any or all of the following locations:









Check it out…Super Chef Isabella also made dessert. 🙂



*This talented, SUPER CHEF also made Crime Fighter’s Cookie Fluff and KA-POW! Party Punch. All three shown in the last photo.*
















KA-POW! Party Punch: one or two SUPER servings!

Scoop ONE single serve vanilla ice cream into each cup. 
1/2 bottle fruit punch into the cup and then pour the diet soda in next. 

KA-POW! Doesn’t it look yummy! 

As you can see, my Super Chef loves it. Try it out and see if you love it too!