Reviews: Be a Superhero in the Kitchen

(2021 Mom’s Choice and Family Choice Award Winner)

Be a Superhero in the Kitchen offers pages of kid-friendly recipes with fun illustrations, cool recipe titles, and tips that help families learn some things in the kitchen along the way.Angela (Amazon) 

These are very easy recipes that range from lunch, dinner, and dessert. My son who is 10 and a big reader looked this over for me as well. This has piqued his interest more in cooking (he already wants to learn) and these are simpler recipes for him to learn on. He also pointed out that he really liked that the apron became the kid’s superhero capes. ~ A.R.S. (Amazon) 

Each recipe lists the ingredients needed, directions, and most have a superhero tip. The superhero tip can be possible additions or changes to the recipe, other items that go good with that recipe (like putting the Eggtastic Spaghetti on a waffle), or tips (like never pouring grease down the sink drain). ~ Dawn H (Amazon) 

I bought this cookbook with the idea of making a few of these meals with my nieces and nephews. Such a cool idea! The recipes were varied in flavor and ingredients, so there’s something for even picky eaters. And using the crock pot for several of the recipes is perfect for very young children to be able to help while not risking burns on the stove. There are also a lot of tips for children to learn kitchen safety. ~ SMM (Amazon)

This is a great book for parents and grandparents who have children stuck at home in these quarantine times. Boys and girls alike will love to show off their culinary skills with these simple, yet creative, easy to follow recipes. ~ Luce (Amazon)

My niece and nephew are picky eaters, and it’s always hard to find things to cook for them when the visited. I propped my tablet up and should them is cook book and they instantly want to try making auntie dinner. We had a great time with Queso Mac. ~ Jessica (Amazon)


Reviewed By Kristine Zimmerman for Readers’ Favorite

Kids love superheroes! Even better, kids love being superheroes. Donna Glass has written a cookbook with that in mind. Be a Superhero in the Kitchen enlists kids in helping to make the food that they eat. She starts her book with a list of superhero cooking tips including the tip to make sure to ask for help when needed because teamwork is awesome. Each recipe is laid out simply on one page with ingredients and instructions. Many spreads include some superhero tips in speech bubbles that suggest ways to personalize the recipe. There are healthy kid-friendly main and side dishes as well as some yummy deserts and a punch recipe.

Be a Superhero in the Kitchen by Donna Glass is truly a cookbook written for kids. What kid would not want to try making Crime Fighter’s Cookie Fluff? The recipes are original and not overwhelming. Each recipe has minimal ingredients and simple directions. The recipes themselves, while including some healthy ingredients, will be things kids want to eat, especially because they will have a hand in making them. The illustrations by Alejandro Chamberlain are spot-on. They showcase a diverse group of families, and kids will love the fun superhero costumes! I especially loved the colander on the head. Parents are often looking for ways to get food into their picky eaters. Be a Superhero in the Kitchen will be a cookbook they will want to share with their kids. They may even want to dress up like superheroes themselves the next time they are in the kitchen.