Fan Art Submissions!

Check out Harlan (10) and Aaliyah’s (10) superhero drawings!
You both did a remarkable job on your creations! 
💙 the creative superhero names and powers, too!


Artist: Harlan
Age: 10
Superhero Name: The Seeing Super
Superpowers: super speed, super strength, and mind reading

Artist: Aaliyah
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Powerful Singer Superpowers: powerful singer, ice, teleportation, and heat


If you have an original superhero drawing you’d like to send me, you can reach me three ways. 
1.) You can mention me on Twitter.
2.) You can tag me on Instagram. 
3.) You can email me through my Contact Form.

Please make sure your child adds their first name, age, and superhero’s power.
BTW: If your child prefers super villains, I’ll happily welcome them as well. Your child can also draw a super pet!

Drawings will be shared on my website, on Twitter, and on Instagram. 

Thanks and have a SUPER day! 

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