WINNER of a 2021 Family Choice Award!

I received excellent news …

“Be A Superhero in the Kitchen”

is a Winner of a 2021 Family Choice Award!


The Family Choice Awards recognize the best in children and parenting products.

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Age range: 1st grade and up

The book contains a detailed list of Superhero Cooking Tips and delicious kid-friendly recipes including Super Chicken Tacos, Powerful Potato Cakes, Mega Mac and Cheese Pizza, Crime Fighter’s Cookie Fluff, Legendary Lemon Tarts, and many more!

Let your child try their hand with the recipes in this book. Every kid who becomes the superhero of suppertime is one who eats super well!


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As a thank you for ordering a signed copy, you’ll receive a coloring sheet, temporary tattoo, and a bookmark. 


A note from Fox Comics:

“We will have ALL the Free Comic Book Day titles available as well as comic artists in-store doing sketches, and offering prizes for the Best Cosplay costumes. Always a BIG, great day at Fox Comics, we hope you’ll join us for the fun and well-mannered frivolity!”


Stop on by, grab free comics, purchase a signed copy of Be a Superhero in the Kitchen, and help support local talent and business! 

**A coloring sheet, temporary tattoo, and bookmark come with every purchase.**


Cooking is a valuable life skill!

Cooking is a valuable life skill that teaches children about nutrition and food safety, as well as building math, science, literacy and fine motor skills

No matter if you’re #remotelearning, #homeschooling, or #hybridlearning, I encourage you to include “Be a Superhero in the Kitchen” in your curriculum.
Cooking is fun & educational!
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< Reminder: A coloring sheet, temporary tattoo, and bookmark are FREE with every signed book! > 

Week Three: Super Menu!

We are still “sheltered in place,” so I am sharing another week of dinner ideas.

Every recipe listed below is budget-friendly, has minimal ingredients, and it is huge on flavor! 

Hope these ideas help you. 🙂

Stay healthy! 

It doesn’t have to be a holiday to make a turkey. Our store had turkeys on sale, so we bought one.

Instead of cranberry sauce, serve Awesome Apple Crumble! The recipe can be found in Be a Superhero in the Kitchen


Super Chicken Tacos

The recipe can be found in Be a Superhero in the KitchenAlso, be sure and read the tips located on the recipe in the book. 🙂





Buffalo style, baked, fried, honey bbq… there are so many ways to enjoy this meal.

So… go get your WING ON! 


Stores have limited amounts of meat, but if you can find some, make a lasagna. If you can’t find meat, cheese or spaghetti sauce, check the freezer section for a frozen lasagna. Whatever is easier and keeps bellies full and happy! 


Ground beef, gravy, veggie noodles.

Another option: If your store has beef tips in stock, you should consider making Bam! Beef Stew. It doesn’t take many ingredients, and it cooks in a slow cooker. Win, win! 

The recipe can be found in Be a Superhero in the Kitchen.


 Fire up the grill


If you are able, support your local restaurants. They are hurting as well and would appreciate an order.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Super Chefs!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Today we are sharing a quick video of my Super Chef making a recipe out of Be a Superhero in the Kitchen.
These special Magical Cereal Bars feature Lucky Charms marshmallows and cereal to celebrate the holiday!

If you haven’t grabbed your copy, then click on the link below and order one today!