Signed copies! #BeASuperheroInTheKitchen

Woo hoo!  My book has finally made it to my house. That means I can officially start selling signed copies. If you’d like to purchase an autographed copy, please send me a message. 

Price: $20 (USD) plus shipping fees

After I mail out the book, I will supply you with a tracking number. When you receive the book, please take a book selfie. Tag me Twitter (@superchefseries), Facebook (@SuperHeroInTheKitchen) or on Instagram (@superherointhekitchen).

The order form can be found on the “Purchasing Information” tab on the top of the screen. 

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! 



Preorder link up at Mascot Books!

Starting TODAY, you can PREORDER Be a Superhero in the Kitchen through Mascot Books! To place your order, simply click on the book’s title or publisher’s name to be redirected to their website. 
All parents know the struggle of feeding a picky eater. Some evenings feel like war. Nerves are frayed, and a nice, peaceful dinner can swiftly be bursting with tears, tantrums, and occasionally, a battle of wills. It is my goal that this book tips the scales in our favor. I’ve learned that one reliable way to get my picky eaters to eat is to allow them to help make the meal. After all, food tastes better when you have helped create it. Allow your kid to try their hand with the recipes in this book. A kid who becomes the superhero of suppertime is one who eats super well.

(I’ll be sharing more purchase links as they become available!!)

Tentative release date.

I woke up this morning hoping and expecting ALL good news from Chris (Mascot Books’ marketing team). There was some. He did say the marketing team will be reaching out to bloggers to gain some feedback and buzz about the book. I like that. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before my expression became this…..


Chris informed me Be a Superhero in the Kitchen won’t officially be released until March 3, 2020. Sure, it’ll be up at Amazon, B&N, and other places in February for preorders but buyers won’t have hardcovers until March. 

When I signed the book contract (December 2018),  I was under the impression it would released by Christmas 2019. Just sucks…. Simple as that. 

Chris (Mascot Books) did say he would see if the release date could be moved up but I’m not holding my breath it will be.

To all the little kitchen superheroes and their sidekicks, sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience. 


Tentative release date: March 3rd, 2020
Preorder links coming soon!


Off to the printers!

I’ve officially signed off on the latest PDF of Be a Superhero in the Kitchen. That means, soon I will be able to share preorder links and it’s official release date.

The marketing team will also be in contact with me to arrange book signings. Dates, times, and locations will be posted here, on Twitter and on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more details and (hopefully) see ya soon!

Cover Reveal!

Exciting news! I got the PDF of Be a Superhero in the Kitchen. I’m currently reviewing it, making adjustments, before I send my notes back to my editor.

As a whole, I love the book. Alejandro Chamberlain did a fantastic job on the artwork!

I don’t have a definite release date yet but when I know more you’ll know. Until then, I’d love your feedback on the cover.


Fan Art Submissions!

Today, I’ll be sharing the final drawings sent in from a local school. For privacy issues, I won’t disclose the school or teacher’s name but I want to thank one special 4th grade teacher and her students for their support. You know who you are and you all are amazing! 

Today’s local artist is Colton (9) who created not one but two superhero drawings for me. 

Thank you so much, young man! 

Artist: Colton
Age: 9
Superhero Name: The Mega Shifter
Superpowers: shapeshifting
Artist: Colton
Age: 9
Superhero Name: Frosty
Superpowers: ice


THANK YOU again to all the children who’ve sent in a drawing.
I appreciate them and you so much! 


Fan Art Submissions!

This week, I’ll be sharing the final drawings sent in from a local school. 
I’ve enjoyed all your creations. Everyone did a marvelous job! 

Today’s artists: Leland (10) and Eli (10)

To Leland: I loved your DC/Marvel mash-up! 
To Eli: Keep pursuing your dream job, comic book creator, because I know one day it’ll happen for you! 

Artist: Eli
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Drone or Turret
Superpowers: sidekick to stickbot, knows any monster his hero faces, shoots giant lasers, and can walk on anything

Artist: Eli
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Stickbot
Superpowers: can stick to almost everything and can stretch to at least 5 feet

Artist: Leland
Age: 10
Superhero Name: Bat Thanos
Superpowers: infinity stones


If you have an original superhero drawing you’d like to send me, you can reach me three ways. 
1.) You can mention me on Twitter.
2.) You can tag me on Instagram
3.) You can email me through my Contact Form.

Please make sure your child adds their first name, age, and superhero’s power.
BTW: If your child prefers super villains, I’ll happily welcome them as well. Your child can also draw a super pet!

Drawings will be shared on my website, on Twitter, and on Instagram. 

Thanks and have a SUPER day!