A note from Fox Comics:

“We will have ALL the Free Comic Book Day titles available as well as comic artists in-store doing sketches, and offering prizes for the Best Cosplay costumes. Always a BIG, great day at Fox Comics, we hope you’ll join us for the fun and well-mannered frivolity!”


Stop on by, grab free comics, purchase a signed copy of Be a Superhero in the Kitchen, and help support local talent and business! 

**A coloring sheet, temporary tattoo, and bookmark come with every purchase.**


Rough sketches for “Be a Superhero in the Kitchen!”

Alejandro Chamberlain, the illustrator, has created rough sketches to show the layout of elements and characters for Be a Superhero in the Kitchen! He’s incorporated Patrice, my kitty, into a few of the images. I know these are rough drafts but I think the images are adorable. I can’t wait to see them in color with their respected backgrounds. 

Fan Art Submission Requests

Whether you love superheroes, super pets, or super villains, I would love to see your photos. These can be original photos or you can draw me your favorite super person from any comic book, movie or television show. 

You can share your creations with me two ways. 

1.) You can mention me on Twitter.

2.) You can tag me on Instagram

Please make sure you add your first name, age, and tell me about your super creation. You can list their power(s), gadgets, their super name and so on. 

I’ll be going through the drawings and adding them here on my website, on Twitter, and on Instagram. 

Thanks and have a SUPER day!