Another Super Menu!

Below are dinner and dessert ideas to help home cooks (Super Chefs) during the Covid-19 crisis. I hope it helps those struggling to decide what to cook. I know some supplies are limited, but everything featured below was bought at my local store. Hopefully, all the items will be at your house or store as well. 

Take care and stay healthy! 


Sausage, pasta, and pasta sauce. 

You can use ground Italian sausage or sliced kielbasa. Whatever you can find!
Sprinkle on some cheese (Parmesan). Also, check if your local grocery store has veggie-based pasta. It’s an easy way to sneak in veggies into mealtime! 


Captain Queso Mac

The recipe can be found in Be a Superhero in the KitchenFresh potatoes are hard to come by but we did find canned (diced) potatoes and hashbrowns. Either would be great with the Captain Queso Mac!

Super Chefs, green beans are also a great addition to this meal.


Eggtastic Spaghetti

Make a double batch of pasta on Tuesday and use the pasta for this meal. I know it might sound weird, BUT steamed broccoli actually tastes really good with it. 

The recipe is also found in  Be a Superhero in the Kitchen. 


Reckless Rice Soup

The weather is still going up and down here, so make this soup on a cooler day. 
The recipe is also found in  Be a Superhero in the Kitchen.


French bread pizza

We bought frozen french bread garlic bread. We topped ours with pepperoni and baked it according to direction on the bread’s packaging. YUM! 

Dessert idea: Crime Fighter’s Cookie Fluff
Purchase Be a Superhero in the Kitchen for the recipe. 


Fancy grilled cheese sandwiches

Bread is making a comeback at the store. If you are at the store early and can get your hands on a loaf, this meal is a crowd-pleaser. Let the eaters decide what they want between the two slices of bread. Roast beef – cheddar. Turkey and mustard. Ham and swiss. I could go on, but you get the idea. 🙂


If you are able, support your local restaurants. They are hurting as well and would appreciate your visit. 


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It’s A Super Menu!!

With the threat of Corvid-19, food, especially fresh, is becoming hard to come by. I’ve heard many people wonder what to fix for dinner. Over the next few weeks. I’ll be posting sample budget-friendly menus with Super Tips!! 

Enjoy and Stay Safe! 


Chili with hot dogs 

No ground beef? See if your local grocery store has ground chicken or turkey. 
No buns? Slice the hotdogs and mix it right into the chili. 



Last week, we made tacos using ground turkey because there wasn’t any beef in the store. It was a hit! No lettuce, no problem, used canned corn as a topping. It tasted great! 


Italian beef (slow cooker meal)

If your store doesn’t have a roast, check if they have boneless/skinless chicken breast.
Kroger had a lot of kielbasa in their coolers, so check if your store has it in stock as well. If you are lucky to find baby potatoes then make Incredible Italian Sausage and Potatoes. The recipe can be found in Be a Superhero in the Kitchen.


Ham and scalloped potatoes

Don’t forget to treat your family to dessert. Make Amazing Pudding Parfaits. The recipe is also found in Be a Superhero in the Kitchen.


Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches

On a biscuit, on bread, in between two waffles or pancakes, your family is going to love dinner tonight! Since it’s breakfast for supper, make some Magical Cereal Bars! Yup, the recipe is also found in Be a Superhero in the Kitchen.


Make pizza at home.

This can be done with raw dough, on a bagel, on a biscuit, on a pre-made crust. All you need is cheese, sauce, and toppings. Our store had all of it, but supplies were limited. Use what you can find. This is the time to be creative! 


If you are able, support your local restaurants. They are hurting as well and would appreciate your visit. 

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Super Chefs!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Today we are sharing a quick video of my Super Chef making a recipe out of Be a Superhero in the Kitchen.
These special Magical Cereal Bars feature Lucky Charms marshmallows and cereal to celebrate the holiday!

If you haven’t grabbed your copy, then click on the link below and order one today! 




Be a Superhero int he Kitchen is officially out today. Before you buy, check out what ARC’s reviewers have said about this SUPER children’s cookbook! 


My daughter went through this book as soon as we received it to bookmark the recipes she wanted to make first. She picked the Colossal Bacon and Bean Sidekick, the Amazing Pudding Parfaits, and Crime Fighter’s Cookie Fluff.

We have made 2 of the 3 recipes now and the ingredient lists are parent and budget-friendly. The ingredients are easy to come by and already had a lot of the ingredients in our cabinets! The instructions were easy to follow for my daughter and she had so much fun making the food. Finally, and most importantly, it was delicious!

To Read or Not To Read:
I would recommend Be a Superhero in the Kitchen for any child that enjoys cooking, or wants to try it out!



It’s so adorable. Each page has a recipe; the ingredients, directions and a superhero tip. There is a menu list in the beginning listing all 20 recipes followed by a page of cooking tips. It’s definitely the cutest cookbook I’ve ever seen. I’m going to have to order a few more for the little chefs I know!



This is a really cute cookbook for kids when your kids want to make something but you don’t have much time. A lot of the recipes call for things already made, such as a tube of biscuits, pre-made pizza crust, etc. The parent wins because they don’t have to spend much time supervising some lavish recipe and the kid wins because they actually feel like they’ve made something useful. A win-win!.


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